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The Basic 3D Showcase comes with a walkthrough, dollhouse views & floor plans.


We host the 3D Tours for as long as you need it and for real estate agents who have sold or taken a property off the market, the showcase is deleted immediately.


Exteriors can be included if the conditions are right but interiors are best suited.


We provide complimentary JPG images in HD quality.


Real Estate Agents can add a 3D tour to an existing listing, we provide a link to add to the MLS, FMLS, GAMLS and embed code for websites similar to embedding a YouTube video.


The 3D Tour can be seen from anywhere in the world at any time and is available for use on 3rd party sites making you the technology savvy representative.


The tour can be viewed on multiple devices such as Mac, PC, tablets and phones.


Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer all support the 3D Interactive Showcase. On mobile devices, it is supported by Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android.


We can easily create flythrough videos with or without titles and music if required.


To experience a guided tour click the arrow at the bottom left of the 3D Showcase preview window, then press play.


It takes between 45-60 mins to capture a space that is 1,000 Sq Ft.


Steps taken to prepare a property. Turn on all lights, adjust blinds to avoid bright sun and make sure the space is staged accordingly. No movement please!


If you don't want a particular room captured then close that room door.


We cannot shoot rooms with mirrors on more than 2 sides. Sorry.


Once the space is captured it takes approximately 2-3 business days to receive the project.


This techology will differentiate YOU from the competition by offering an innovative and easy to navigate experience that puts you and your potential clients in the driver's seat.


An iView3D Tour goes far beyond an ordinary photo slide show or video walkthrough.


In today's quickly evolving digital world, capturing a potential buyer or customer's attention has never been easier than with iView3D, a new view in visual marketing.


You can't afford to be left behind, so stand out from the crowd!


We're passionate, hardworking and friendly. Try us today so we can cater towards your visual marketing needs.

If we didn't answer all your questions then please give us a call. We'll be happy to help.

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