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Plan and manage fresh, on-brand retail experiences efficiently and at scale

With Matterport, retailers can quickly capture 3D virtual tours of in-store equipment, inventory, product selection and placement, POS displays, and much more to create a consistent brand experience across locations. Using this visual data, stores can plan, implement, and manage floor layouts and merchandising more efficiently than ever before.

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Know your store, inch by inch at anytime.

A lack of store info makes progress sloowww

When you don't know which stores have what in which place, improving the stores in your portfolio becomes a frustrating and expensive process.

Starting and scoping new projects takes months

Surprises discovered when teams arrive on-site cause delays & unexpected costs

Scattered store info makes internal teams inefficient

Speed Things Up With Advanced Store Surveys

Take the guesswork out of store improvement planning, managing & executing

Bring New Ideas To Life Quickly

Find the information you need in minutes, not weeks

Chop Project Delays In Half

When teams are prepared with the right info, they hit their deadlines

Make Everyone More Efficient

Having one source of information for internal and external teams makes collaboration easier

Here's How It Works



We digitize your stores

Our data capture team travels to collect store info at any location across the U.S. They capture all your building info and create digital twins, online copies of your physical stores. The all-in-one store survey service enables enterprises to digitize, analyse, and utilize their entire portfolio's building information across multiple stores like never before. This makes projects such as remodeling and updating a large portfolio of stores much more efficient and straightforward.

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Professional-grade image resolution
Get high-quality 3D capture with unlimited 4K print-quality photography. The camera offers professional photo resolution at 134 megapixels.

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Boost your business.
An industry favorite, the Matterport camera delivers high-quality scans that produce stunning 3D models and virtual tours. Get everything you need to market, inspect, or redesign your properties. Great for scanning any interior space.

3D scans of store interior & exterior record both the visual appearance and dimensional information.



Manage multi-site store design & refit projects remotely using our Matterport retail surveys

For retailers, Matterport 'Digital Twins' enable the management of estate-wide refurb projects remotely. Using these immersive 3D virtual tours colleagues can collaborate and make informed design decisions in conjunction with their store planning data.

Harnessing 'Digital Twins' for store improvement projects across your estate

Creating a collaborative virtual environment through our Matterport retail surveys is a game changer for your property teams and designers. By delivering ‘Digital Twins’, we enable remote work on store refurbishment projects.

Our Matterport retail survey saves you time and money throughout the store development process, ensuring you can create a consistent and engaging brand experience for your customers.

The easy-to-use interface comes equipped with measurement tools that allow contractors to confirm in-store dimensions accurately. This is especially useful when designing a new store experience, such as signage and equipment placement, aisle widths and run lengths. 

Our first-class visualisation tool provides access to all the data your design team will need to deliver a successful project. With this immersive 3D model, designers and contractors can take measurements and review the physical condition in-store without ever having to visit the store. 


Analyze & Utilize

The Matterport Advantage

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Faster Time to Market

Acquiring, constructing, remodeling, or rebranding sites requires attention to detail to ensure an accurate scope of work, effective coordination with architectural firms and third-party contractors, and timely decision-making.


Matterport simplifies this process by capturing all necessary data during the initial scan, resulting in more precise bids without the need for site visits. With accurate point cloud data generated directly from the 3D scan, designers can quickly create CAD, Revit or SketchUp models. Additionally, 3D design templates can be generated for a repeatable construction process after the site is completed. Matterport streamlines site management and design, allowing for faster and more efficient project completion.

Better Documentation, Better Alignment

One way to keep track of equipment repairs, maintenance, and training information is by creating a visual record of assets and using Mattertags to label them with digital tags. This makes it easy to find specific items without relying on other personnel.


Additionally, sharing regular Matterport 3D scans with real estate, facilities, and loss prevention teams can help ensure that every store is up to par. This includes replacing equipment before it fails, keeping the paint fresh, adjusting insurance coverage, and identifying candidates for remodeling or relocation. By utilizing these tools, businesses can stay on top of their assets and make informed decisions about their stores.

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Visual Asset and Inventory Management

Matterport offers more than just a 3D visual representation of your stores. It provides access to valuable data that would have been difficult to find otherwise, such as accurate measurements of the entire store and dimensions of the aisles, equipment, and other features.


This information can be easily accessed by employees, making planning for merchandising, seasonal and promotional rollouts a breeze. No more digging through emails and spreadsheets. Matterport streamlines the process and puts all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Train your employees faster

Having 3D walkthroughs of your store benefits not only customers but also employees. With this technology, new or visiting employees can easily access your store from their own computer and get a quick understanding of the layout and flow of the space without the need for onsite tours.


This means that new employees can hit the ground running and be productive from day one, saving time and money on training. By providing a virtual tour of your store, you're giving your employees the tools they need to succeed and helping them become familiar with their surroundings, which is essential for their success. So, consider implementing 3D walkthroughs in your store to enhance the employee experience and streamline your training process.

Customer navigation and store orientation

As businesses adapt to the new normal, it's important to provide customers with peace of mind when it comes to health and safety. Whether they're picking up an order or browsing in-store, visual cues can go a long way in reassuring them that all the necessary precautions are being taken.


One key aspect is ensuring ample space for customers to move around while adhering to physical distancing guidelines. By doing so, you're not only prioritizing their health, but also showing that you care about their overall experience. So don't overlook the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for your customers.

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